What would be the worst start to a conference? 3/3


Let’s Test Sweden Day 3

Refreshed after about 3 hours of snooze, I tucked into my breakfast and looked forward to the day ahead. The first session was a very well presented workshop from Fiona Charles – We Can’t Know Everything – Promoting healthy uncertainty on software projects.           There was a lot of class debate, allowing me to take away many different ideas. From Eddy explaining The Orders Of Ignorance to Kristoffer Nordström touching on the idea of No Estimates.

Following that managed to spend some time with Panda discussing his business.

I tried to talk to as many people as possible with it being the last day. I finally got to spend some time to talk Erik Davis too. With his bright orange hair and kilt, I was hoping for a fellow Scottish Punk tester. What a flop! He isn’t Scottish and he isn’t a punk :(, but what a great guy. I got on well with him, as I did with everyone I talked to. I got round to seeing Michael Bolton, Ilari Henrik, Ruud Cox, Neil Thompson and a whole heap of other attendees.

The final keynote from Jon Bach was a great way to finish the conference, with a lot of laughs and fun, considering the serious natural of the topic – A Critical Look at Best Practices. Good input from James, Michael and a range of others made it all the more enjoyable.

After that, Let’sTest finally wound down to a close. After saying my farewells, I hitched a ride to the Airport with Ruud and two of his fellow countrymen. Having the navigation system speak Dutch, whilst pronouncing Swedish towns made me love software even more. Thanks for the lift.

With my Germanwings Mobile App informing me that everything was fine with my flight I headed straight to security and proceeded with the annoying process of “I’m not a terrorist, get me out of here”. Once on the other side I saw that, oh so welcoming, information on the monitor. FLIGHT CANCELLED. Apparently a bird hit the turbine. What a pain! I left the secure area and took a ticket to wait for the helpdesk to advise me of my next moves. Funnily/sadly enough, Chris Mann was also hoping to fly to Hamburg, so we had a bit more time to chat.

I finally decided to fly to Düsseldorf that evening and try to take the train to Hamburg Airport to pick up my car. As it turned out, the trains aren’t great at that time of night. Well not the ones from Düsseldorf Airport to Hamburg Airport. As I was already used to meeting new faces by then I agreed to share a hire car and drive to Hamburg. 4 hours later we arrived at Hamburg Airport where I picked up my car and travelled the final 1,5 hours home. I got through the door at 05:00 in the morning totally dead!

What a trip!

After reflecting on my first test conference and finally finishing this blog, I really look forward to next year and will be booking my tickets for another round of Let’s Test as soon as I can. Now knowing many of the attendees, I think 2015 is going to be even better.

A huge thanks to the organisers. Keep up the good work.


If you are going to the EuroStar 2014….. I’ll see you there.